2020 Fastest and Newest Leather Belt Cheating Camera

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As a professional Poker Cheating Prop Wholesaler in China, Poker cheating scanners and poker analyzers have always been widely used in gaming tables. They can accurately predict the results through certain calculations. Among them, cvk 600 and iphone Poker analyzers are more popular among customers.

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Can you imagine what a Belt Card Cheat Scanner is a card cheating device that uses high tech markings. We have the fastest and newest belt cheat cameras 2020 for sale. What does the belt cheating camera look like and how to use it? The following editor will introduce this device in detail for you.
As for the fastest and latest belt cheating camera of 2020, it is suitable for barcode marking cards. Hidden in the belt is a camera that scans playing cards with barcodes. Feasible scan distances are 30 cm to 60 cm. Move up, down, left, and right by 20cm each. That said, 2020’s fastest and newest belt cheating camera is able to scan moving playing cards and then send them to a poker analysis system, which is one of its greatest strengths.
First, you switch on the infrared camera on the belt, and it goes to work, scanning the hidden barcodes on the edges of the cards and sending them to the poker analysis system.
Then a phone analyzer in your pocket or somewhere will report the poker game results to you so you can decide to go ahead or give up the game. You need to start by choosing the outcome you want to know, such as the highest hand, the second hand or the worst hand, etc.
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Leather Belt Camera With Barcode Marked Cards, Leather Belt With Poker Analyzer


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