Infrared Contact Lenses For Reading Marked Poker Cheat Card

Want to cheat at poker One of the best ways is to use infrared contact lenses and marked cards. They can help you to increase your luck and win in the game secretly and safely to the greatest extent.

Product Properties:

  • Manufacturer: GS Golden Sunshine
  • Prescription: None
  • Applicable eye color: Any eye color
  • Application: Read the marked cards with invisible ink marks on the back

Infrared contact lenses ?? are able to see through the cards on the poker table and detect signs that are invisible to the naked eye.
Infrared contact lenses are special contact lenses that are functionally different from regular contact lenses because they can be used to detect cards marked with invisible ink. Moreover, it does not change the color of your natural eyes and there is no difference in appearance from normal eyes. To meet the needs of different customers, we have developed suitable lenses for different eye colors. If you have special requirements, we can custom contact lenses for you. Our infrared contact lenses do not harm your eyes like normal contact lenses, so you can buy contact lenses from us with confidence.

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How Infrared Contact Lenses Work

Infrared contact lenses, also known as invisible ink marking card contact lenses, detect the markings on the back of each marked playing card. We all know that there are some lights in the spectrum that our human eyes cannot see, such as infrared or ultraviolet. Using these lights, our technicians process wearable filters that can read cards with infrared and ultraviolet markings. This is how infrared contact lenses that read tagged cards work.
The principle of invisible ink marking cards and infrared contact lenses is based on the spectrum
What Your Eyes Can See If You Wear Infrared Contact Lenses First, the back number and glow-in-the-dark ink set are clearly visible in your field of vision. Also, try to see the other person and the surrounding environment as clearly as possible. Importantly, these contact lenses are guaranteed to maintain your original eye color even while you are wearing them. All in all, no one can detect your contact lenses in your eyes. See, security is what it is.
These are the pictures you will see on the invisible ink marking card when you wear the infrared contacts.

High quality and comfortable infrared contact lenses for sale
In addition to the safety mentioned above, poker players place a high value on the comfort of wearing contact lenses. A poker game can last for hours. We all know that if you’re very uncomfortable wearing these contact lenses, you won’t be able to get distracted from your poker game, reducing your chances of winning the game. Therefore, it is very important for you to wear high-quality infrared contact lenses without side effects.
In addition, we will send you detailed instructions on how to wear and care for infrared contact lenses. A pair of infrared contact lenses can be used for about a year!
Last but not least, it’s about the price of these contacts. Buying an inferior product for cheap is not going to do you any good, let alone play poker at a casino. It is almost impossible to buy high-quality infrared contact lenses at a low price. However, remember that spending your money on quality contact lenses is better than losing the game. A pair of good quality infrared contact lenses can be used for about a year. After conversion, you can buy it for a few dollars a day, which is very cost-effective.


Choosing a reliable company is also the first and crucial step in purchasing a pair of good-quality branded contact lenses. Take our company as an example. All of our Infrared Contact Lenses are available at affordable prices. Available in three different sizes of lenses. According to your budget and your original eye color, our company will find the most suitable contact lenses for you.
All in all, our company has a strong ability to meet all your requirements. If you want to know more about infrared contact lenses, please feel free to contact me.

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