Luminous Ink Copag Export Design Jumbo Index Plastic Marked Deck

The emergence of poker analyzer drives up the demand of luminous ink Copag Export marked deck.

Product Description:

  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Function: Reading Invisible Barcode Cheat Deck
  • MOQ: 10 deck
  • Material:100 percent PVC
  • Payment: Western Union, Moneygram, T/T

There are a lot of ways to mark cards, but using invisible ink is one of the most popular methods. This is because it’s relatively easy to do and it’s not easily detectable. You can buy invisible ink pens or make your own by mixing together equal parts of lemon juice and water. Once you have your ink, simply use it to draw whatever symbols or markings you want on the cards. The downside of this method is that the ink can fade over time, so you’ll need to reapply it every so often.

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Glow in the Dark Ink Jumbo Index Plastic Marker Cards by Copag Export are cards you’ve probably never used before. In other words, it is likely that you will miss out on winning opportunities. If you think it’s not working for you, that’s okay. Although have you ever thought that someone’s success at a game of poker is largely the result of their well-planned strategies such as proper application of poker equipment and perfect poker skill? They know nothing about techniques. Why is a magic show similar to the game of poker compared to a poker magic show? The answer depends largely on the cards they play.
Users utilize the poker perspective system (poker sunglasses and infrared contact lenses), they will get the information of each card, and then calculate for themselves who is the first and second highest card. Is this a magical power? In my words, it is the power of technology that allows us to see the invisible ink marks on the back of the card. Our human eyes cannot read all lights. Our technicians use the principle of infrared in order to retain the markings only when we wear special sunglasses and contact lenses. Will this device work well for you when you don’t know if you’re going to be in the big blind or not. It helps a lot when you play Texas Hold’em and Omaha games.
Let me give you some more details about the Jumbo Index Plastic Marker Deck designed by Glowing Ink Copag Export. They come in bridge size and playing card size with super or regular index. They have blue and red suits. They are very durable and washable. With marked playing cards, your win rate is greatly increased
In a word, Copag Export Designmarked card has high security, strong practicability and good compatibility.

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Blue, Red


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