Perspective Table See Through the Regular Non Marked Playing Cards

The perspective poker table is a professional poker table with all the features you may expect from a real casino gaming table. We can know the marvelous function from its name, it can see through the regular playing cards.
Always wanted to be the King on the poker table Assuredly this perceptive poker table is certainly something for you!

Products Descriptions:

  • Brand: GS
  • Material: plastic and wood
  • Color: blue, green
  • Size: 210 cm* 120 cm*80 cm

If you’re looking for a reliable poker cheating device, look no further than the Poker Analyzer. This amazing gadget can read marked cards and give you the winning hand every time. Just imagine being able to see your opponent’s cards before they’re even dealt! The Poker Analyzer is completely undetectable, so you can use it without fear of being caught. And best of all, it’s extremely easy to use – just slip the cards into the analyzer and let it do its work. With the Poker Analyzer, you’ll always have the upper hand in any game!

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This professional poker table has an ergonomic mini bow specially designed for dealers and players, stainless steel cup holders integrated into the 10cm wide and 2″ thick foam with black leather finish armrests to provide Maximum gaming comfort. Removable black ABS chip tray, holds up to 350 poker chips, there is room in the chip tray for 2 decks of cards.

Why Poker Tables Can See Through Playing Poker

The whole set consists of three parts, one is a poker table, which completes the plug-in camera and signal transmitter electronic accessories. The wiring is evenly hidden in the table, so it is not easy to be found by others. The entire hidden device power supply can choose to use direct currency or batteries.
The second part is the listening receiver. It can be placed anywhere with no location or distance restrictions.
The third part is result migration. Usually a speaker and earpiece.
It seems that the core component is the detective’s special X-ray camera, which is the key to seeing through any playing cards.
On the surface, it looks like an ordinary high-quality gaming table. It can accommodate up to 7 players and 1 poker dealer. Measures approximately 210cm long, 120cm wide and 80cm high.
This casino gambling cheat table has a two tone green and blue casino layout. The poker layout can be removed, so it allows you to replace the poker cloth if it is damaged, worn out or if you just want to have a different colored poker table.
This see-through poker table is a fantastical design that will make you the king of the poker game.

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Blue, Green


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