Red and Blue Speedreader Ultimate Marked Cards Poker for Poker Gambling

Key Advantages of Speedreader Ultimate Marked Cards:

  • Dealers Grip
  • Right Hand Overhand Grip
  • Riffling for a Spectator Peek
  • Easy to locate and decode the marks
  • Suitable for all poker games and magic shows

A marked deck of cards is a deck of cards that has been specifically designed to be used in cheating at poker. The markings on the cards are usually very subtle, and only visible when the card is held up to a light. The most common type of marking is a small dot or line somewhere on the edge of the card. These marks can be used to indicate what card is being held, or to track which cards have been played. Cheaters will often use marked decks in conjunction with other cheating methods, such as collusion or signal devices.

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These Speedreader Marked Decks are marked on the top left (and bottom right). The Speedreader cards are marked in the exact opposite position in the top right (and bottom left). Therefore, players can quickly glance at the markings to know the suit and number of each card.
When it comes to the GT Speedreader deck, its groundbreaking new version of the classic Ted Lesley concept was designed with an effective prop in mind as to how the performer and audience would actually perceive the deck. The Speedreader system hides the markers as you unfold the cards, making your reading really fast and efficient.
If you’re used to standard marked decks, you’ll find that you can adapt to the new GT Speedreader system almost immediately. Intuitively, it’s the more natural, safer, and easier-to-read marked deck for working under real-world gunfire.

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