Remote Control Dice Trick Cheating Device

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There are many ways to cheat at dice, and most of them involve using a set of loaded or magic dice. These special dice are weighted so that they will land on the desired number more often than normal dice, giving the cheater an advantage. There are several ways to weight dice, including drilling out a small hole in one side and filling it with lead or another heavy metal, or simply making one side of the die heavier than the other. Other types of magic dice have magnets inside them that can be controlled with a hidden magnet, again allowing the cheater to manipulate the roll. Cheating at dice is definitely not something for amateurs; it takes practice and skill to be able to do it well enough to win consistently.

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Brand GS Color optional
Origin Guangzhou, China Size 30*30cm, 60*60cm
Mode/Design Transparent, Solid Color Material Wood plate
Function Magic Trick on The Dice Game Accessories Controller
Game Dice Game Packing durable hard storage case

The Most Convenient Dice Cheater – Remote Control Dice Set Includes 3 Parts:

Remote control dice, control pads and remotes.
A market first, this cheating dice has been touted by many dice players. If you really want to try it out, it’s best to understand how it works first.
This casino cheat works by manipulating the magnetic poles inside the remote control dice to apply the control board’s magnetic field.
It has 4 general options:

Option 1: 1 remote control, 1 control board 30*30cm, 2 Lave gas dice (transparent right angle)
Option 2: 1 remote control, 1 control board 30*30cm, 6 ordinary dice (white background, rounded corners)
Option 3: 1 remote control, 1 control board 60*60cm, 2 Lave gas dice (transparent right angle)
Option 4: 1 remote control, 1 control panel 60*60cm, 6 ordinary dice (white background, rounded corners)


That’s not the only four options for you to choose from, we offer a custom cheat dice set. Don’t worry, even if other players have remote dice and remotes, there is no chance of stealing your results because the remotes we send you are already matched before shipping. One remote board can only be connected to one remote, see, is it safe? So put your foresight on the dice game to good use, why not put a big blind on your win

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