Clothes Poker Scanning Camera for Cheating Analyzer

In 2022, a clothes poker scanning camera would be the most you heard when you ask which is the best tool for your poker analyzer. Except this, you may meet the same problem before, don’t know what to do with your poker analyzer and marked cards. So be it, let me tell you some details about the clothes poker cheat camera works with the analyzer and marked cards.

As a professional Poker Cheating Prop Wholesaler in China, Poker cheating scanners and poker analyzers have always been widely used in gaming tables. They can accurately predict the results through certain calculations. Among them, cvk 600 and iphone Poker analyzers are more popular among customers.

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When you are using a handheld playing card scanning camera (such as a watch camera), have you ever thought of a question: Can I use the scanning camera without holding it? Using a Handheld Camera Well, if you have these thoughts, we highly recommend you try our clothes scanning camera for gambling cheats! The clothes scanner perfectly hides its normal but flawless shape. With this, you get to know the concept of the cards and not get caught after wearing it on your clothing. Here are some frequently asked questions about this cheating device:

How the Clothes Poker Scanning Camera Works

To use it, you’ll need barcoded cards and a poker analyzer. It automatically reads marked playing cards and quickly transfers the information to your playing card analyzer. Additionally, you can choose the camera’s scanning distance between 20-40cm or 30-60cm. At this distance, a card with a barcode mark can be read while moving from left to right.


How fast is this clothing poker camera?

don’t worry. Our clothes camera has been tested and improved thousands of times. We promise that any generation of poker analyzers will receive the information of the cards at the first time, helping you to be the champion of the game forever.

Is it visible or obvious to the camera while wearing the garment

No, our eyes cannot see the camera at all. They are perfectly designed and you won’t find any flaws.

Is it hard to learn how to cheat at poker with this camera

No, we will send you detailed instructions when we send you the package. Just spend some time practicing and you can master it.

what can you buy in our company

You can choose from a variety of services:

Clothes camera with/without normal clothes;
Clothes scanning cameras with tagged cards;
Clothes camera, marker deck with analyzer.


How long can I receive the product

If you choose fast shipping like FedEx, DHL or TNT, you will receive the product within 7-10 working days. On the other hand, if you choose an economy shipping method like China Post, you will receive them within 2-4 weeks.
We provide consulting services and after-sales service. Therefore, if you want to have a deeper understanding of this machine, have any questions during use or are not satisfied with the clothes camera you received, please contact us to reflect your problems. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Additional information



Scanning Distance

20-40Cm, 30-60Cm


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