PVC Juego Texas Professional Invisible Ink Cheating Playing Poker

Product Description:

  • Jumbo index playing cards, casino quality.
  • The cards are made from durable 100% plastic.
  • Playing cards size 63 x 88 mm
  • Delivery time?? 1-3 working days

There are a lot of ways to mark cards, but using invisible ink is one of the most popular methods. This is because it’s relatively easy to do and it’s not easily detectable. You can buy invisible ink pens or make your own by mixing together equal parts of lemon juice and water. Once you have your ink, simply use it to draw whatever symbols or markings you want on the cards. The downside of this method is that the ink can fade over time, so you’ll need to reapply it every so often.

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Juego Texas Marker Poker is casino quality and made of durable 100% plastic. It measures 63 x 88 mm with giant indexes. We mark Juego plastic cards with special invisible ink and a printing press. An extra coat of waterproof paint is then added to protect the markings. In order to prevent fading and maintain a longer service life. Juego plastic cards can also be processed into barcode marked cards that are scanned by poker hand analyzers and poker cheat scanners.
How to view the usage of tags is very simple. Just wear specialized contact lenses or sunglasses and you’ll see them clearly. This set of Juego Texas cheat cards will make a great addition to your poker games with family and friends.

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